Climate-Induced Migration: Havoc on South Asia


  • Yash Nagdev Research Assistant at The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs


Climate change, climate-induced migration, displacement, South Asia


Climate change is an invisible enemy that poses challenges to humanity,
shrinking space and making the Earth uninhabitable, and South Asia is
the region worst affected by it. With its hydra-headed consequences, such
as rising sea levels, intensifying temperatures, erratic rains, droughts,
heatwaves, floods, and extreme weather events, it has unleashed a war on
the populace. Climate change has unlocked a Pandora's Box of climateinduced migration around the world, but migration in South Asia is
particularly intense. This article deconstructs the phenomenon of
migration driven by climate change and strives to analyse the pace of
climate-induced migration in South Asian states and its implications for
states’ overall socio-economic performance. Moreover, it aims to highlight
the adaptation and mitigation strategies of the affected states to overcome
the repercussions and challenges to achieve the desired results. Last but
not least, this paper examines how the South Asian nations can work
together effectively to combat climate change through regional